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From A Globalist…

"I am indeed a globalist. I have long held that differences in customs, beliefs, practices, and economic prosperity should be celebrated and shared—across national borders. But I am increasingly convinced that this only works when everyone in a community is on board."...

Veering with Game of Thrones

"Like the plot of Game of Thrones, memory resists standing still. And Game of Thrones is all about memory. The eighteenth and nineteenth centuries based major cultural, political, and scientific strides on the memory of an imagined, idyllic Middle Ages. One that...

Race and Racism: The Man of Law’s Tale

"The Man of Law’s Tale might seem an unlikely specimen for examining the development of race in the Middle Ages: it does not explicitly feature skin color difference among its characters. But skin color is merely one element in medieval race." The Open Access...


What is Racial Difference?

What is Racial Difference?, sponsored by the National Endowment for the Humanities, is a blog where Dr. Whitaker, colleagues, and students explore how history, culture, and biological differences create what we know as “race.”
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In the Middle

Dr. Whitaker blogs with the In the Medieval Middle team.
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The Spoke

Dr. Whitaker is editor in chief of the official blog of the Albright Institute at Wellesley College.
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Additionally, the term "Judeo-Christian" is itself a right-wing, white supremacist dogwhistle.

And yes, there's a @CitationsPod (w/ @SarahEBond & @ProfCWhit) for this:

And some more here:

Episode 82: ?Western Civilization‘ and White Supremacy: The Right-Wing Co-option of Antiquity

Citations Needed | July 10, 2019 | Transcript

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